General Rules & Regulations


  1. Open to Rotarians, Rotaractors, Interactors, Inner Wheel Club members, IFRM members & their relatives
  2. One Participant can give total of 3 entries
  3. Professional performers are not allowed to participate in this competition. Such aspirants may join IFRM D3141, if eligible
  4. Since time is not an issue in Virtual Rotal 2020, all previous finalists also need to send videos starting the Quarter Finals. There is no provision for direct entry to Semi Finals for them.
  5. Rs. 250 per entry per participant. Participant needs to fill an online form on Rotal 2020 website and pay online. Participant needs to share the payment receipt whenever asked for.
  6. A unique number will be issued to each participant which he/she will have to mandatorily display during the peformance
  7. Participant age as on 1st Nov 2020 will be taken into consideration


  1. Singing will have Quarter Finals, Semi Finals & Finals; Dancing will have only Eliminations & Finals; Stand Up Act will also have Eliminations & Finals.
  2. The rounds are subject to change depending on number of entries in each age category.
    If there are less than 5 entries in an age group, the age group category may be merged with another category.


  1. The entire Rotal 2020 is virtual hence videos of performances need to be made by the participants. No audio or any other non-compatible versions allowed
  2. Videos of all performances need to be uploaded online to youtube/facebook/any other social media account of participant
    Link to the uploaded performances need to be shared with the organizers within the dates prescribed for each round


Nominated judges will judge each participant through their video performances, based on set parameters.

There will not be any extra marks for live music or otherwise in case of songs. Like wise the background in a dance sequence will be irrelevant unless the same is used as a prop in the performance. Only the talent of the participant will be judged in all the three disciplines.


- The participant needs to take care that the video uploaded is of decent quality with regards to lighting & sound. The participant should be easily visible and the sound quality should be good enough. If posssible , please record video in Landscape mode.

- The video links need to reach us before the date and time prescribed. Entries received beyond the time limit will not be accepted.

- The video links will be shared to all once the judging process is through. Judges decision will be final and binding to all

- Participants need to share current videos which are shot while displaying the unique number. Any kind of manipulation in this regard will only disqualify the entry.

- The decision of the judges and the organizers will be final in case of any dispute or controversy

- The participants are advised to take extra care in terms of social distancing norms and requirements while performing an act with co-participants.

- The organizers will in no way be responsible for any mishap during the course of the performance.

- Stand up Act can be a comedy act, or shayari/poetry, or any speech related to some topic which essentially should not be controversial.

- The organizers will not be responsible for any such controversy if it arises.

-We expect all participants to follow the Rotary Four Way Test, which is our guide too for organizing this event.

- Please write to or call +91 70459 67941 for any queries and clarifications